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Are You Up to Date on Your Vaccinations?

With everything else on your mind, your vaccination status might not even be on the list, especially if it’s been a few years since you were a teenager. However, vaccination continues to be an essential, safe, and effective part of disease prevention throughout your adult life, and you might need to check on your vaccinations to be sure you're up to date. 

While vaccines administered in childhood can protect you from some conditions for the long term, others need periodic booster shots to remain completely effective. Dr. Omar Aref helps people throughout Plant City, Florida, and the surrounding communities stay safe and healthy with vaccines. 

Vaccination for disease prevention

Vaccines work by safely introducing a small amount of live, but weakened, viruses into your system. Your natural immune response to the vaccine creates a lasting immunity to that specific disease. To remain safe from communicable diseases, you need to be vaccinated for a variety of conditions, including chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, polio, Hepatitis A and B, and the flu.

We typically deliver many vaccines in childhood. Childhood vaccinations are scheduled to provide maximum protection for everyone in the first part of their lives. However, you may be missing vaccinations in your own medical history. 

Additionally, some vaccines need regular boosters, and you might be due. All adults need regular Td or Tdap vaccines, and you should also get a flu vaccine every year. 

If you're traveling, have certain health conditions or job requirements, or even if you have a new arrival due in your family or friend group, you might also need additional vaccinations or boosters.

Checking in with a professional

If you aren't sure about your vaccination status, or think you might need an additional booster or two, get in touch with Dr. Aref right away. He treats new and existing patients of all ages from his Plant City, Florida offices. He can help you check your vaccination records and supply vaccinations and boosters you may need. Blood tests can also indicate if you have gaps in your vaccination coverage and overall immunity.

The vaccination procedure is one of the safest, most convenient ways to protect yourself and your community from communicable diseases. 

A shot only takes a minute or so to deliver. You may feel a little pain during the injection, and, depending on the vaccine, could have some mild symptoms, including abdominal pain, intestinal distress, soreness, and fever for a day or so following your appointment.

To talk to a member of our experienced care team about your vaccination status and schedule a consultation appointment today. You can receive vaccinations and boosters during a regular scheduled physical exam. You can call our Florida offices to schedule, or request an appointment with the online tool.

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