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Family Medicine and Covid-19: What You Should Know

As the United States has continued to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many parts of daily life have changed. We wear masks in public, practice social distancing, avoid unnecessary travel and socialization, and frequently wash our hands to reduce the spread of this extremely contagious novel coronavirus. Every little bit helps in the ongoing fight against COVID-19 community spread.

However, there are some parts of your life you can't just put on pause while we wait for the development of  a COVID-19 vaccine. Family medical care may be pressing or urgent. It might not be a good idea to delay certain types of testing or treatment.

So how do you know when you need to seek medical care, and when you should stay safe at home? Omar Aref, MD, and our experienced care team in Plant City, Florida, are working on ways to get you and your family the medical care and treatment you need during these unprecedented times. You can trust our advice to protect and safeguard the health and wellness of you and your family members.

When you need family medical care

Due to COVID-19, you may have put off personal, family, or professional plans. You may have even postponed some elective or nonurgent procedures.

However, not every medical situation can wait. Call for help right away, if you're in a medical emergency. You also shouldn't put off certain types of nonemergency medical care, such as needed checkup exams, screenings, and vaccination schedules. Delaying needed family medical care, even for a few months, can worsen any potential problems and increase health risks down the line.

How we can keep you safe during the pandemic

Dr. Aref's offices are taking precautions to protect your health during the COVID-19 pandemic, while still working to get you the high-quality responsive family medical care you rely on us for. We can help you decide on the best course of action for addressing your family medical concerns.

With our telehealth service, you may be able to get comprehensive medical care from the comfort and safety of your home. For many issues, including suspicious rashes, contagious illnesses like the flu, and needed prescription changes, we can handle your treatment completely via telehealth. We can also use a telehealth consultation to assess a situation and make a recommendation about whether you should schedule an office visit.

When you come into our Plant City, Florida, office for treatment, our team takes action to keep you from contracting COVID-19. We use top-of-the-line professional protective equipment (PPE), including masks, gloves, and face shields, to reduce the spread of the respiratory droplets that may contain the COVID-19 virus. Our cleaning procedures have been re-designed with the virus in mind, and we can use contact tracing to let our staff and patients know right away if they've been exposed to COVID-19.

Together, we can all survive and thrive during these difficult times. To talk to Dr. Aref about your family medical plan during the COVID-19 pandemic, get in touch with us today. You can schedule an initial consultation appointment over the phone or request an appointment online.

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