How Weight Loss Can Benefit More Than Just Your Appearance

Much of the conversation around weight loss is centered on appearances. You may want to lose weight to look better on the beach or be more appealing to those you wish to date. Maybe you just want to look better for everyone and think that you’d seem more approachable, friendly, and fun if you lost a few pounds. Though appearance is certainly one of the driving forces behind many weight-loss journeys, your health may be what most improves when you shed the pounds.

There are too many weight loss myths out there to count, but there is one connection that’s backed up by science; weight loss, for the obese and overweight, has health benefits. Excess weight can put extra stress on your bones, muscles, and cardiovascular system. It also makes you more susceptible to many diseases and chronic conditions. The most obvious signs of weight loss may be on the outside, but your body will feel better after you lose a few pounds as well.

Ready to take control of your weight and shed those extra pounds? Come see us at Omar Aref, MD. Dr. Aref can provide you with a structured weight loss plan that helps you reach your goals in a safe manner. Dr. Aref will work with you to make sure you can lose and keep off the weight.

Weight in America

By now you’ve probably heard that America is in the midst of an obesity epidemic. The numbers are bleak. Nationwide, about 39.8 percent of the total population is obese. In Florida, 25-30% of the population is obese. Overall, about 160 million Americans are overweight or obese; that’s about half of the population.

Gradual and steady weight loss

It’s tempting to try to lose weight as quickly as possible once you’ve decided you want to lose a few pounds, but sustainable weight loss is about slow and steady progress. The CDC recommends setting a modest goal for your overall weight loss. It advocates aiming to lose between 5-10% of your total body mass. So, if you weigh 200 pounds, aim for anywhere between 10-20 pounds. This amount of weight loss should produce health benefits, such as improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugars. 

In addition to setting a modest goal, don’t push yourself to lose all the weight at once. The weight lost in a crash diet often comes right back. Instead, aim for one to two pounds a week. It’s hard to wait for the results of your hard work to show up, but sustainable weight loss is the key to staying healthy. 

Better habits and lifestyle

With a structured weight loss plan like the one Dr. Aref will provide, new habits are one of the best benefits. When you lose weight sustainably, you hopefully pick up ideas on how to keep the weight off. Perhaps you learn new recipes or become a better grocery shopper as you switch to healthy alternatives. Or maybe you finally take the time to learn tennis or another sport.

You may also notice that other areas of your life improve. Many successful weight loss patients find improvement in the following areas:

With better habits and an improved lifestyle, you’ll be reaping more than just health benefits.

Health benefits

The biggest change weight loss brings is improved overall health. Improved weight has been linked to a decrease in almost every metric you can think of, including the following: 

With so many possible health benefits, it’s easy to see how your overall lifestyle can improve after weight loss.

Weight loss is more than just appearances – losing a few pounds can upgrade your health and overall lifestyle. Dr. Aref can help. Call or book an appointment at our Plant City office today. 

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