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Laser Hair Removal: You'll Wonder Why You Waited So Long

Each spring, the routines kick in: time to get ready for summer styles. You might break out a new razor or make a waxing appointment. It could even be time to find the tweezers. But haven't you gotten tired of the shaving, waxing, and plucking that you have to do over and over again, year after year to get rid of your unwanted body hair?

With laser hair removal techniques, you can ditch all of your body hair management routines. After a few treatments, you can completely and lastingly eliminate your unwanted body hair. You can rely on Omar Aref, MD, and our experienced care team to complete your hair removal treatment effectively and efficiently, minimizing your discomfort and maximizing your results. He treats new and existing patients from around the Tampa, Brandon, and Lakeland areas. 

Remove unwanted body hair from just about anywhere

Laser hair removal therapy can work in locations around your body. The procedure is popular for leg hair, underarm hair, and the bikini area, but can also be used on your back and arms. The targeted treatment takes aim at the active hair follicles in the desired area. For this reason, you'll need to avoid shaving or waxing during the treatment process. The amount of time needed for a treatment session varies based on the size of the area you want cleared, but typically isn't too long.

Laser treatment safely stimulates your hair follicles without burning your skin. You may feel a slight snapping sensation while the laser works, but you shouldn't need an extensive period of post-session recovery. We do recommend you give your skin a day or so to settle after treatment without direct or extensive exposure to heat or light.

Permanent results: Your hairs won't regrow

After our laser tool hits your hair follicles, they won't be able to produce hairs. Your unwanted body hair won't regrow anymore once you've stunned all of the follicles in an area. It typically takes multiple treatment sessions to get all of the follicles in an area, as the laser won't zap follicles that aren't active. Your follicles activate in a wave pattern, so one treatment session can’t get them all at once. Most patients see their best results after 5-7 treatment sessions, spaced a few weeks apart to let your follicles fully clear and regrow. 

If you want to get permanent results soon, you should start now. Once you have silky-smooth legs and your razor is in the garbage, you’ll be amazed at how long you put up with things before looking into treatment. Find out if laser hair removal could solve your unwanted body hair problems for good by getting in touch with Dr. Aref today. You can book your initial consultation appointment at our Plant City, Florida, offices over the phone, or by using the online tool.

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